Marvel Legends Nightcrawler Sentinel Series


Nightcrawler aka Kurt Wagner was born to a shape-shifting mutant terrorist known as Mystique and a demonic looking mutant named Azazel. At birth, Kurt was abandoned by his mother due to his demonic appearance. His physical mutations include blue skin, yellow eyes, three-finger hands, two-toed feet, sharp ears, and a prehensile tail. Aside from Kurt’s outwardly mutations, he possesses superhuman agility, adhesive hands and feet, and his most commonly known power; the ability to teleport. After being raised by circus gypsies who were highly religious, Kurt was saved by Professor Charles Xavier from a group of villagers trying to kill him. He later joined the X-Men to help fight for peace between humans and mutants.

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Toy Spotlight of the Week: Batman Begins Batmobile/Tumbler

This is the eighth installment of our Toy Spotlight of the Week series. Within this series we showcase one of our favorite toys we added to our store for that week. If you missed last weeks post you can check it out here.

Almost 2 weeks ago, we posted about the new plane Batman has been flying around Gotham in called “the Bat”. This week we’re bringing it back to the basics. Before we saw the cape crusader soaring the Gotham skies in a upgraded jet/helicopter hybrid, he was terrorizing the streets in his tank-like Batmobile, known as the Tumbler. Originally sporting a military desert camouflage paint, Bruce Wayne requested a black version of the vehicle from Lucius Fox. In the first two movies, we got to see the Tumbler shine. From Batman rescuing a poisoned Rachel Dawes and evading a swarm of Gotham PD, to seeing the Tumbler’s left and right front tires convert into the Batpod before the rest of the vehicle explodes. Until the last movie, the Tumbler was the vehicle to have.

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DC Universe Classics Orange Lantern Lex Luthor

Lex Luther grew up in a poverty filled area of Metropolis known as Suicide Slum. In his constant quest for power and the betterment of himself, Lex organized the death of his parents to receive a payout on a life insurance claim if anything should happen to them. With the money Luthor received from his phony insurance claim, he went on and founded Lex Corp. He then grew the business into a multinational company that would have a stronghold over Metropolis. That is until the man in blue and red tights came along and put a stop to his devious ways. Since Superman’s arrival, Lex has vowed to destroy Superman for the humiliation he has caused him.

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DC Universe Classics Green Lantern Pack Green Lantern


Hal Jordan hands down is the greatest Green Lantern there has ever been. With humble beginnings as a Air Force test pilot in Coast City, Hal was chosen by the power ring to become the next galactic police officer of Sector 2814. After searching for a replacement on earth, the ring chose him for his ability to overcome fear. His new duty to protect and serve all life in the Sector came after a dying alien named Abin Sur crashed landed on earth. As he patrolled the galaxy and took on several missions in space, he went on to become one of the founding members of the Justice League.

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Jakks Pacific Dragonball GT Super Saiyan 4/SS4 Vegeta

I remember being such a huge Dragonball Z fan growing up. In the late 90’s I would run home from school to catch Dragonball Z on Toonami, which came on at 5. Tired of watching the same episodes and waiting for Toonami to air new english dubbed episodes, I started to stream subs on the internet. I also would spend my time searching the web for pictures of Dragonball Z characters so I could copy and draw. Using Akira Toriyama’s character design style as a reference, I made my own characters and comics. I think Dragonball Z was one of the best cartoons ever made.

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Toy Spotlight of the Week: Excalibur Electronics Space Invaders Tabletop Arcade Game

This is the seventh installment of our Toy Spotlight of the Week series. Within this series we showcase one of our favorite toys we added to our store for that week. If you missed last weeks post you can check it out here.

Released in 1978, Space Invaders grew to be very successful and helped transform the video game industry from a novelty to a global industry. For those that aren’t familiar with basics of the game, it’s a two-dimensional fixed shooter where the player shoots from a laser cannon at descending aliens. Your goal is to stop the aliens from invading your territory. If you let them reach the bottom of the screen their invasion is successful. The player must also dodge their laser fire. You are given various defense bunkers to hide in, but they can be destroyed if shot at long enough by the aliens. The higher your score gets, the faster the aliens descend toward you. Sounds like fun right ?

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