Figma Saber 2.0 Available For Pre-Order

Figma Sigma 2.0

It’s been 5 years since Max Factory released their first Figma Saber figure. Fans who missed out on the first release get a chance to get their hands on Saber once again. Since this is a more improved version folks who have the old iteration may still want to grab it up as well. The figure features updated joints that allow for new poses, better articulation and she comes with a boat load accessories too. Those include additional face expressions, the Excalibur and Caliburn swords, and alternate swaying hair parts.

You can pre-order this item at our store. [here]

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MAFEX Darth Vader Preview

MAFEX Darth Vader

Last week we showed off a shot of Medicom’s offering of Darth Vader at the CafeReo Character Convention. Now we’re given a full fledged preview of the figure’s features and accessories. The figure stands approximately 6.5 inches tall and will come with a removal/swappable helmet, cloth cape, alternate hand pieces and a clear stand that was seen in the photos at the convention.

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Bandai Japan’s 2nd Promo Video for S.H.Figuarts Mario

Today S.H.Figuarts Mario launched in Japan and Bandai is celebrating the release by making a zoetrope animation video of the figure. What’s a zoetrope you may be asking? According to the video it’s a spinning animation device which is similar to a flip book style animation. In the video it shows the behind the scenes action of the team brainstorming the concept of the animation and of course the actual animation itself.

Pre-order S.H.Figuarts Mario here.

New Magazine Scans Show S.H.Figuarts Michael Jackson, Iron Man Mark 42 & Iron Patriot


After a brief preview during the Tamashii Summer Collection we get to see the King of Pop and the heroes of Iron Man 3 all done up by Bandai for their S.H. Figuarts line. First we have Michael Jackson and he’s wearing his all familiar Smooth Criminal get up. Based off of the scans it looks like you’ll be able to recreate all of his rememberable dance moves. Even though it’s too early to tell what type of accessories he’ll come with I think it’s safe to say we can expect extra face and hand pieces.

Crossing over from music to the movie industry we have two characters from Marvel’s 2nd highest grossing film — Iron Man 3. Based off the scans it seems as if Bandai is really committing to the couch accessory idea which is great. Although I’m not the biggest Mk42 fan, I will say from the looks of it these will be the best Iron Man 3 6-inch scale figures available.

See the pics below.

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Bishoujo Jason Voorhees Joins Freddy Krueger to Spice Things Up


Who would of thunk it, the legendary Jason Voorhees as a beautiful woman. Kotobukiya did just that. Following the release of the equally iconic horror antagonist Freddy Krueger, Kotobukiya is looking to spice things up once again with the release of Bishoujo Jason Voorhees. At first glance, this isn’t exactly how i’d imagine Jason in female form, but his hockey mask gives us something to remind us of him.

Weapons include an axe which she holds over her shoulder and a bloody machete resting in the other hand. Of course she wouldn’t be Jason if there wasn’t a machete! And if she wasn’t in a sexy outfit it wouldn’t be a Bishoujo statue! Other details include obnoxiously torn jeans, brown trench coat, tang top and a super ripped tummy. The figure will be available in November following Freddy’s October release.

More pics below.

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Medicom’s MAFEX Darth Vader Figure Revealed


At the CafeReo Character Convention in Japan, fans were taken to the Dark Side with the reveal of Medicom’s Mafex Darth Vader. The figure was displayed next to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Joker.  The only accessory we know for sure that will come with the figure is Darth Vader’s red lightsaber. Stay tuned for further details.

Medicom Reveals MAFEX The Dark Knight Joker Figure


Joining the Dark Knight under Medicom’s Mafex line is the Clown Prince of Crime, none other than the Joker himself. The figure features the green hair, bad make up, and cheap suit we all know and love.

Amongst the other releases from other companies, Medicom’s entry seems like a worthy contender especially for the 6-inch crowd. Accessories include rocket launcher, machine gun, hand gun, deck of cards and the infamous knife he made disappear. Aside from the multiple points of articulation this figure has, it looks like the bottom of his coat has the ability to bend backwards showing off Mr. J’s nifty pant chain.

The figure is expected to release sometime next February.

More pics after the jump.

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Hidemi Matsuzuka Teases Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa & XII’s Fran Play Arts Kai Figures


Hidemi Matsuzuka, the Director of Square Enix teased everyone with two brand new additions to the Play Arts Kai family — Fran from Final Fantasy XII and Tifa from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Both pieces were shown in their prototype state and both are simply stunning. Tifa looks amazing with her upgraded body and detailed clothing, but Fran takes the cake for excitement. This will be the first time she’s being released by Square-Enix in figure form. Fans can rejoice! She stands tall staying true to her game counterpart outfitted with her Viera warrior get up, bunny ears and long ponytailed hair.

View the Tifa & Fran prototypes below.

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DC Collectibles Is Going Batman: The Animated Series Crazy!

If you’re a fan of anything Batman: The Animated Series you’d love this news. Yesterday, DC Collectibles revealed 5 new figures with a secret figure revealed today. The 6 figures include Two Face, Mr. Freeze, Robin, Joker, Poison Ivy and Man-Bat being the secret reveal. Two out of the 5 will be released along side Batman and Catwoman for Wave 1, while the remaining three will be in the second wave.  We’re unsure if Man-Bat will be part of the second wave or not, but we assume so. As a BTAS and Bruce Timm fan I’m excited to see what this line has to offer in the future. *Cough* Harley Quinn….Batgirl. *Cough*

You can see full pics of each figure below.

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