Batman Reborn Series Batman: Jason Todd & Batgirl: Stephanie Brown


These two are straight from DC Direct’s Batman Reborn series that was released sometime in 2009-10. The wave included 4 figures in total. Those 4 were Batman: Jason Todd(pictured), Batman Two Face, Azrael and Batgirl(also pictured).

These two figures aren’t really heavily articulated, but where they lack in articulation they make up for it in detail. Each figure’s costume is designed in a way to show off the different textures worn by the Cape Crusaders. Batman: Jason Todd really shines in this area. From the lines and grooves all throughout the costume to the textured inner portion of his cape, you can tell he’s not wearing just the typical tights, cape and cowl.


He comes with two big handguns that fit right in the holsters on each side of his hips and a knife that’s strapped to his boot that can be concealed by his cape. Along his utility belt, there is an array of weapons and across his chest there’s a bullet belt. This Batman is ready for war. With all of Todd’s straps, holsters, and weapons, it really shows off his adverse methods compared to the original Batman. Aside from his features, one of the best things I love about this figure is every accessory has a place to be held on it. Some figures come with more accessories than they can carry only to be lost and never found again.

As you can see from the picture at the top of the post, Todd also comes with a mouth face plate. Once you remove it, it reveals a smile that looks extra sinister paired with his beady red eyes. In the constant theme of differentiating Jason Todd’s Batman from Bruce Wayne’s Batman, you can see it implemented all the way to the figure’s head. Aside from the red eyes, Jason’s ear impressions protrude through each side of the mask. Another difference is the position of the Bat “ear’s” which are positioned a bit more forward than normal.

Let’s not forget about Batgirl…While she may not as detailed as Jason Todd, we still can’t overlook her entirely. For those unfamiliar with the Batgirl storyline, this figure is of Stephanie Brown – the third Batgirl(fourth technically) in the Batman story. Her gear is purple and black which is a color combo unlike any of the previous Batgirl suits. Within the transition between the two colors, there’s a raised line that gives us the idea there’s two types of material going on (similar to Jason’s suit). Although her costume is not the traditional black, she’s still wearing a similar bright yellow utility belt as her predecessors who took up the Batgirl mantel before her. A smaller utility belt is worn around her left thigh which matches the one around her waist.


Stephanie is also wearing the traditional style mask similar to Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl. While the mask doesn’t share as much detail as the costume, Brown’s flowy golden blonde hair looks as if every strand was carefully sculpted by the designers. Two accessories I haven’t mentioned yet are a Batarang(same color as the utility belt) and night stick. There’s a spot to put the night stick in the back of her belt, but the Batarang doesn’t get the same love, Batgirl’s hand will do for that one.

One thing I’d have to say I didn’t like about both of these figures are the stands they come with. They were shipped with cheap black stands that were too small for the figures. Only one foot can fit on the stand at a time. Maybe all the budget went into making the figures look great, but bigger, quality, and more detailed stands would have been perfect.

Overall, this was a pretty solid release by DC Direct. If you had to get only 1 figure out of the 2 we’ve talked about, I’d say go with Batman: Jason Todd. He’s a much more solid figure when it comes to detailing, accessories, and overall look. But at the same time, we can’t forget the rarity of Batgirl: Stephanie Brown. This variation of the character hasn’t made it into any other series other than this one. Having her apart of your collection would be something to consider from that standpoint.