DC Collectibles Is Going Batman: The Animated Series Crazy!


If you’re a fan of anything Batman: The Animated Series you’d love this news. Yesterday, DC Collectibles revealed 5 new figures with a secret figure revealed today. The 6 figures include Two Face, Mr. Freeze, Robin, Joker, Poison Ivy and Man-Bat being the secret reveal. Two out of the 5 will be released along side Batman and Catwoman for Wave 1, while the remaining three will be in the second wave.  We’re unsure if Man-Bat will be part of the second wave or not, but we assume so. As a BTAS and Bruce Timm fan I’m excited to see what this line has to offer in the future. *Cough* Harley Quinn….Batgirl. *Cough*

You can see full pics of each figure below.

051714-1 051714-2 051714-3 051714-4 051714-5 051714-6We’ll be opening pre-orders for these figures shortly.