DC Universe Classics Orange Lantern Lex Luthor

Lex Luther grew up in a poverty filled area of Metropolis known as Suicide Slum. In his constant quest for power and the betterment of himself, Lex organized the death of his parents to receive a payout on a life insurance claim if anything should happen to them. With the money Luthor received from his phony insurance claim, he went on and founded Lex Corp. He then grew the business into a multinational company that would have a stronghold over Metropolis. That is until the man in blue and red tights came along and put a stop to his devious ways. Since Superman’s arrival, Lex has vowed to destroy Superman for the humiliation he has caused him.

Lex Luther is one of the most interesting villains in the DC Universe. He’s just a regular guy with no super powers, but he still finds a way to be a worthy opponent against Superman. Unlike other villains that fight Superman with their brute strength, Lex goes up against him with his wallet and intellect.

When this Orange Lantern variant of Lex Luthor was released, I was shocked DC actually made him into a figure since Lex was only a Orange Lantern for a short period of time. For those unfamiliar on how Lex received an Orange Lantern ring, here’s a quick backstory: In the DC mini series, Blackest Night, Luthor’s safehouse was attacked by Black Lanterns, the Orange Lantern Ring attached itself to Luthor inducting him into the Orange Lantern Corps as a deputy member. Shortly after Lex had taken Scarecrow’s Yellow Lantern Corps ring and Mera’s Red Lantern Corps ring his was taken back by Larfleeze – the only official member of the Orange Lantern Corps.

No matter how long he was a lantern, this is still a cool looking figure. I’m glad DC decided to make it. The sculpt on the figure is just beautiful. Instead of making a solid orange body, Mattel went with a translucent plastic which was a smart move in my opinion. The translucent feature really makes the figure stand out. Lex is wearing a modified version of his Kryptonite suit he wears when he battles Superman. If you do a side by side comparison with the Lex figure from the other wave, you can see the differences in the head, chest piece, and suit. The pieces that were kept the same are his arms and legs. So it’s safe to say this figure is pretty much a new sculpt. The only accessory he comes with is his Power Battery, which doesn’t come with the handle bar like the other Lantern’s Power Batteries.

Like most DC Universe Classics figures, there is plenty of articulation available. For some poses, his bulky suit can get in the way but the figure is still pretty flexible. One thing I did notice that I haven’t seen on other DC Universe Classic figures is the torso using a ball joint for articulation. I think it was a good move since the ball jointed torso frees up some of the figures movement. Overall, I really like this figure, it has a well put together, solid feeling. Probably one of my favorite DC Universe Classics figures in terms of quality.

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