How to Get Free Packing Material / Supplies

Let’s face it, if you’re shipping things to people, you’re going to need some type of packing material for your items. Having no packing material within your packages can equal potential damaged goods and angry customers. This will cause you to lose money, along with return requests from customers. If you’ve sold anything online before, you know how much packing material can cost you. No matter how much volume you’re doing it can seriously eat into your profits.

How can I get free packing material ?

Okay, you probably buy or have bought stuff online before. Who hasn’t ?! A simple easy way to get free packing material ready to use for your shipments is to continue to buy stuff online! You may know where I’m going with this. When you buy something online, you can reuse the material that comes with the package you receive. You get whatever you ordered plus bonus supplies for your business.

Using this technique you’ll find that you receive a number of supplies without even realizing it. Some of these supplies include: boxes, envelopes, bubble mailers, bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, packing paper, etc. Depending on how many things you buy online and your monthly sales volume this can be a cost effective way for new online sellers to keep cost low in the beginning. This technique can be used for high volume sellers too. Saving money is saving money, no matter how much or how little it is. This is a simple technique that’s often overlooked but can be put into effect right now.

There are plenty of other ways to get packing supplies, but we feel this is the easiest way without having to do much work on your part. Once you start to pick up volume for your business, you may have to start buying additional supplies, but if you are a occasional seller you can get away with this for quite some time.

Example of this technique in real life.

Today I received a package for a specialty Australian candy. I received two boxes, 4 groups of air cushions, 6 sheets of bubble wrap, a bunch of styrofoam peanuts, and a ice pack. I received all of these supplies with just placing a simple order for something I wanted. Even though we have our own packing supplies, this is just an example of how easy you can execute this technique.