Legendary Comic Book Heroes Pitt Build A Figure Review

I’m convinced this is one of the most amazing toys ever created. In the category of build-a-figures it is simply as good as it gets. The character of Pitt first appeared in 1993. For those of you who don’t know, he’s a human/alien hybrid created by an alien race known as Creed. There’s a long and fairly complicated backstory involving his creation (and his half-brother, Timmy) that eventually rendered Pitt a fugitive with a serious attitude.

The first thing I noticed about the figure, is its accuracy. It looks as if Pitt literally jumped off the page out of the original comic book. The proportions and detail are flawless. Nothing was missed in this production. His alien red pupil-less eyes stare at you menacingly. His sharp oversize teeth and large talons threaten, and his lack of a nose makes this character even more disturbing.

Pitt truly comes to life through this figure. He has the most amazing hands I’ve ever seen on a build-a-figure. His razor sharp claws are captured perfectly and you can form his fingers into a perfect fist. The articulation on his giant fingers and wrists give you ample opportunity to flex his muscle.

And what muscle it is. Every inch of his body is covered with perfect definition capturing the true menace and power of this creature. This makes sense because in the comic book we learn he has strength at least equal, if not greater, than the mighty Hulk.

He’s made up of six separate pieces that allow you to mold and bend him into all types of positions and directions. You can even reshape his hair. This is not a figure that’s meant to be locked away in a box. Pitt is made out of a rubbery material that beckons you to play with him. In fact, it’s hard to put him down. This makes sense after all, because Pitt, the character, doesn’t put up with being contained, and the many chains and locks fastened to his body tell his sad story of containment.

I think the great thing about this figure is that its construction mirrors the story of the character. Pitt is durable and strong and the toy is exactly the same. It makes me realize how lame it would have been if the figure was weak and breakable. That wouldn’t do justice to such a tough guy.

All things considered I have no problem rating Pitt a perfect 10 out of 10. There’s not a flaw on this figure, from the definition of the veins in his arms to his awesome jacket, every single detail has been executed to a tee. Not to mention this is simply one of the coolest looking toys I’ve ever seen.

This is a must have for any serious collector and fan of the comic book. It exceeds all expectations.

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