Marvel Legends Nightcrawler Sentinel Series


Nightcrawler aka Kurt Wagner was born to a shape-shifting mutant terrorist known as Mystique and a demonic looking mutant named Azazel. At birth, Kurt was abandoned by his mother due to his demonic appearance. His physical mutations include blue skin, yellow eyes, three-finger hands, two-toed feet, sharp ears, and a prehensile tail. Aside from Kurt’s outwardly mutations, he possesses superhuman agility, adhesive hands and feet, and his most commonly known power; the ability to teleport. After being raised by circus gypsies who were highly religious, Kurt was saved by Professor Charles Xavier from a group of villagers trying to kill him. He later joined the X-Men to help fight for peace between humans and mutants.

This Nightcrawler figure was released under Toy Biz’s Marvel Legends line part of the Galactus series. One thing I really liked about this figure was his facial features. If you remember, on every TV series that depicted Nightcrawler, he had such a approachable friendly looking face. Instead of giving him a softer look, Toy Biz went ahead and gave him the harsher look he’s suppose to have. Which in my opinion works great because it fits right in with Nightcrawler’s story. He’s the type of guy that’s suppose to frighten others with his outwardly appearance, but you come to find out he’s a kind and softhearted individual on the inside.


The second thing I liked on this figure is the blue color of his skin. The yellow in his eyes becomes more pronounced because of the blue. Aside from the muscular impressions on his body, most of the detailing is in his facial features and hair. To keep up with the traditional look, Nightcrawler is sporting his black and red costume with white gloves and boots; a look we are all familiar with. On his gloves and boots, there’s a faint blue hue that’s suppose to give his hands and feet a three dimensional look; similar to how it was done in the cartoon.


Nightcrawler has about 42 points of articulation, which is awesome. I like when I see a figure’s articulation points actually match the character style and movements. If Nightcrawler wasn’t heavily articulated, that would of been a huge disappointment. Another standout feature Nightcrawler has, is the ability to articulate his individual fingers and toes. Since he only has three fingers and two toes it leaves room for those extra articulation points.