Marvel Legends X-Men Classics Jim Lee Cyclops


In 1990, Jim Lee’s artwork quickly gained popularity when he filled in full-time as penciller on Uncanny X-Men. Shortly after, Lee moved on to help launch a new X-Men series along side Chris Claremont in 1991. For the series Lee designed all new character uniforms for Cyclops, Rogue, Jean Grey, Psylocke, and Storm. The uniform Lee designed for Cyclops has been the most famous and recognizable uniform to date.

This Jim Lee style Cyclops was released under X-Men Classics Series 1 which came before the Marvel Legends series figures. However, it still resembles a Marvel Legends style figure. The first line of X-Men Classics where modeled after their comic counterparts. After the first wave, nothing was released from the series until a revamp that occurred a year later.


One of the major differences everybody spots when viewing this figure is it’s size difference in comparison to his comic book version. Most people expect a bulkier figure rather than a slender portrayal of Cyclops. Personally, I don’t mind the smaller frame on the figure. It actually makes him look a bit more realistic in my opinion. We all know Cyclops was a dork compared to the other X-Men. C’mon, how stacked can he be ?

Other than that, everything else is accurate. The belts, straps, color, face, and x-men symbols are all spot on. Articulation on the figure is great. You can put him in all sorts of poses you’d think he was Spider-Man. He also has a hidden articulation point under his arms. I like to see that hidden articulation point in Marvel Legend figures. It gives the figure some extra arm motion. Not all Marvel Legends figures have it but it’s a plus when they do.


The visor on Cyclops does in fact light up, but to activate it, you need the stand that it came with. Since the batteries are located in the stand and not in the figure itself. This is definitely a drawback since these figures are so rare, a lot of collectors may only be able to get their hands on a loose version. Overall, not having the stand may be a drawback but it’s not a deal breaker. Between the figures detail, articulation, and ability to put it in a bunch of cool poses makes this figure a must have for any X-Men fan.