S.H. Figuarts Uranus & Neptune Get Colored


Last month at the Bandai Tamashii Summer Collection we were teased with prototypes of Sailor Uranus & Neptune. Now we get a more finalized look of the two partners. Both look great, but my only gripe would be Neptune’s hair color which seems a bit off. Hopefully as more pics roll out we’ll get to see the true color.

For both scouts Bandai has decided to sell these in a different fashion than the other 6 sailor senshi. Instead of just releasing them like normal in Asia, they will be sold as Premium Bandai Exclusives. Since the two were shown together everyone thought they’d be sold as a 2 pack but that’s not the case. Uranus is scheduled to be released in December while Neptune will follow in January. Plans for a North American release date haven’t been confirmed yet so stay tuned for more info.