S.H. Figuarts Vegeta Gets Colorful for SDCC


Coming up from Bandai, for their Figuarts Dragonball Z SDCC exclusive release is a Saiyan Saga Vegeta repaint. The figure features the Prince of all Saiyan’s orange and green armor he wore earlier on in the show. If you don’t recognize the color that’s because it was later changed to his widely popular white and gold armor. Also, instead of Vegeta’s jet black Saiyan locks, his hair is repainted brown. Pricing has yet to be confirmed for the figure so you can expect that info to release shortly.

Boy was I hoping for a Majin Buu Saga Vegeta for the SDCC release. In my mind it was a longshot since Bandai’s SDCC releases are usually repaints… but we all have dreams! Oh wells. Maybe there’s hope for another Vegeta release down the line.

More Pics of Vegeta below.

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