SOTA Street Fighter Gen

This is SOTA’s take on the elder Street Fighter character, Gen. He’s not the most popular Street Fighter character, but he’s still a character that shouldn’t be overlooked. Gen is known for being a Chinese martial arts master and former assassin. At some time, Gen is diagnosed with a fatal illness. But he doesn’t let that stop him, since fighting is the only thing he knows and what he’s been doing his whole life, he plans to die doing the same thing. Such a fighter, Gen is most notably known for teaching Chun-Li the art of Tai Chi.

SOTA originally released 5 different versions for the Gen character. These include the purple, blue, red, black and green variants. Between each variant, there’s really no difference between the actual figures since they are all resprays. As you can tell, the one we have is the green variant. The green may not be the first choice for most, but you’ve got to admit the olive green and orange still looks great. It has a way of growing on you. Now, this is probably my favorite color variant besides black.

He comes with 2 sets of hands and 2 heads. One head features a more serious look, while the other has a sort of serious smile. Looking at the figure, it looks like SOTA modeled him after the Street Fighter Alpha portraits. Everything is spot on with how the character looks and his fighting styles. I actually think he looks better in action figure form.

Articulation on the figure is the same as all other fully articulated SOTA Street Fighter figures. This includes his head, shoulders, arms, torso, legs, knees, ankles, and feet all have articulation points. Even with the bulky clothes Gen’s character wears, SOTA does a great job with making it easy to put him in his special poses on this figure.

There’s really not much else to say about the figure other than the fact that he has such a cool stance. He looks cool, calm, collected, and ready to fight.

If your interested in purchasing this SOTA Street Fighter Gen figure you can here.