The Dark Knight Rises The Bat Launch & Attack Vehicle

If you saw The Dark Knight Rises, you saw Batman riding around Gotham City for most of the movie in a vehicle Lucius Fox titled “The Bat”. When I first saw the Bat, I’ll admit it, I didn’t like it. The vehicles designed for the Nolan movies were kind of ugly in my opinion. Some may argue that they were cool because they were more realistic than what was offered before. C’mon, Batman driving around Gotham in a bulky tank or flying the Gotham skies in a huge aircraft is realistic? The vehicles just didn’t fit Batman/Bruce Wayne’s style. He went from Lamborghini’s and Rolls Royces to bulky tanks and ugly motorcycles. Just didn’t add up in my book.

Over the Summer we got our hands on The Dark Knight Rises The Bat Launch & Attack Vehicle. However, as I stated earlier, I’m not the biggest fan of Nolan’s movie designed vehicles, but surprisingly I was actually a little excited when we got our hands on one of these. Probably from all of the movie hype. The Bat, for the most part looks exactly how it looks in the movie. It’s designed to fit any 3 3/4 figure in the cockpit. The cockpit isn’t exactly to scale since Batman and Catwoman were both able to fit inside the cockpit in the movie.

The launch part of the vehicle was fully functional on ours, but we didn’t have the actual launch Batman figure. The figure is meant to fly out of the top portion of the Bat vehicle. It’s made of a mixture of soft foam and hard plastic. The weapons system on the Bat consists of two missiles that shoot out of the launchers on each side. When you press the button that fires the left missile, the Bat makes firing noises. Under the Bat, it has propellers that you can twirl around to make them spin like they do in the movie. While this is a cool addition, it would of been cooler if there was a button to make them spin on their own.

There’s also a handle bar to give you the ability to fly it around easily. Design wise they did a good job making the handle bar blend in with the rest of the vehicle. I didn’t even realize it until I started using it.

Detailing on this toy isn’t bad. It’s what you’d expect for a toy at this price point. If you’re buying this vehicle to complete your Dark Knight collection or for someone younger, I would look into getting one. If you’re looking for a more intricately detailed Bat and you have some money to spend, then wait for Hot Toys’ release. It should be available sometime next year.