Toy Spotlight of the Week: Digivolving Magnamon

This is the second week of our Toy Spotlight of the Week series. Within this series we showcase one of our favorite toys we added to our store for that week. If you missed last weeks post you can check it out here.

Toy Spotlight of the Week: Digivolving Magnamon

If you were born in the late 80’s and grew up all through the 90’s, you were a fan of Digimon. Even if you weren’t a fan, you knew what Digimon was. Ever since the release of the first installment of the franchise, people have been in love with it ever since. This week’s Toy Spotlight of the Week is a Digivolving Magnamon figure.

Magnamon first made his appearance in Digimon Adventure 02 against Kimeramon. Using the power of the Digi-Egg of Miracles, Veemon was given the ability to Digivolve into Magnamon. Magnamon eventually defeated Kimeramon using his Magna Explosion Attack. Magnamon has also made a few appearances throughout Digimon movies and other seasons of Digimon.

Digi-Egg of Miracles mode

For the line of toys that Bandai released under the second season of Digimon, most of them transformed from their Digi-Egg’s to their fully armored form. This trend is no different with the Magnamon figure. As you may have already guessed, you can transform him into the Digi-Egg of Miracles. If you’re familiar with what the Digi-Egg of Miracles looks like, the toy version does a great job matching it up with the real thing. Some of the toys that were released under Digimon Adventures 02 looked nothing like their egg counter parts. It’s safe to say that this Digi-Egg mode is one of the best we’ve seen.

Digimon mode

When Digivolving Magnamon from the Digi-Egg of Miracles, don’t expect a mind blowing transformation. Bringing him into Digimon mode is a simple few step process. One thing we look for when adding toys to our personal collection is how accurate the toy is to the real character it’s trying to model. What we love about this Magnamon figure is how close the it is to the real thing. Aside from not having a tail, this figure in Digimon mode is a pretty accurately designed Digimon figure. The figure features accurate detailed lines on the armor plates and amazing detail in the eyes. The only thing that we can find wrong with this figure is it’s limited articulation. The bulky armor gets in the way at times.

Overall, this is a really great figure to have. Especially if you’re a huge Digimon fan. The one we talked about in this week’s Toy Spotlight of the week is available in our store here. It won’t be there for long so make sure you get it while you can.