Toy Spotlight of the Week: Marvel Legends First Appearance Spider-Man

This is the sixth installment of our Toy Spotlight of the Week series. Within this series we showcase one of our favorite toys we added to our store for that week. If you missed last weeks post you can check it out here.

This week’s Toy Spotlight of the Week is one of Marvel’s biggest most famous characters. Here is Marvel Legends First Appearance Spider-Man. If you’re unfamiliar with Spidey’s first appearance, here’s a brief back story. The first introduction of the teenage web crawler was in Amazing Fantasy issue #15.


This issue was Marvel’s last of the title since it had been scheduled for cancellation. Which put Marvel in a tough spot. At this point Marvel had nothing to lose. So they chose to introduce a new character who was a teenage superhero. Turns out the issue quickly became their highest selling issue at the time. Spider-Man was born. Seven months later he received a series of his own.


The First Appearance Spider-Man figure was apart of the Sentinel series released by Toy Biz. It was actually the only non X-Men figure in the series, which is kinda cool. First look at the figure, it looks great. It looks almost identical to the Spider-Man on the cover of Amazing Fantasy #15 penciled by Jack Kirby.


The main difference between the two is the color scheme. The figure’s costume is more of dark blue almost black instead of the lighter blue color used in early comics. Even though we think the black looks amazing. Other differences include: the webbing on his back is black instead of a light web color, the figure’s body is a bit more slender than his comic counter part, and he’s a little more muscular. Other than that, it’s truly a life like version of the comic.


Articulation is what you’d expect from Marvel Legends figures. Toy Biz says it has 42 articulation points. Our only gripe with this figure is that it may have plenty of articulation points, but it’s just not the easiest to keep it in those poses. The webbing on his back makes him a bit hard to move around as well. In his defense, it is pretty easy to get Spider-Man in his traditional Spidey poses. Also, the webbing on his back is removable.

If your interested in purchasing this Marvel Legends First Appearance Spider-Man you can here.