Toy Spotlight of the Week: Marvel Legends Maestro Hulk

This is the fourth installment of our Toy Spotlight of the Week series. Within this series we showcase one of our favorite toys we added to our store for that week. If you missed last weeks post you can check it out here.

This week’s post had to be changed around a bit. The toy we picked out originally sold before we were able to post about it. We usually try to post toys that we still have in stock just incase a reader wants to snatch it up. The figure we originally was going to post about was Marvel Legends Savage She Hulk from the Fin Fang Foom Series. The She Hulk figure was in great condition pretty much straight out the packaging. The collector who had it previously took great care of it.


Anyways, this week we decided to talk about another Marvel Legends figure. This one is Marvel Legends Maestro Hulk from the Apocalypse Series. Here’s a little background on Maestro, in the future the Earth was devastated by global nuclear war, which killed most of humanity along with it’s superhuman population.

Among the survivors there was the Hulk, who finds that he absorbed the radiation from the nuclear war. This makes him stronger and smarter but it also begins to drive him insane. Calling himself Maestro, he eliminates any possible competition that goes against him and proclaims himself ruler of the world.


On to the figure…

Due to the size of Maestro, his articulation is a bit limited compared to the other Marvel Legends figures. His articulation points include: his neck, biceps, wrist, shoulders, elbows, fingers, knees, toes and feet. Wherever the articulation lacks, the detailing makes up for it. The figure looks amazing. Every part of it was made with quality. Even the removable crown made of bones has great detail in it.


The Maestro figure we have available is in great condition. It’s previous owner kept it in immaculate condition. He’s available in our store here.