Toy Spotlight of the Week: Sota Street Fighter Akuma

This Toy Spotlight of the Week is a tad bit late but nonetheless it’s here! If you missed last week’s post of the series you can check it out here.

Let’s get into it shall we ?

This week’s feature is Sota Street Fighter Akuma. This figure is pretty special to me. Growing up I was always a fan of the whole Street Fighter franchise. From the games, toys, movies, and comic books. I had everything. So when we got the chance to get our hands on this Akuma figure I was ecstatic. Also, since Akuma is one of my favorite characters in the series, I couldn’t be more happier getting this figure within my grasp.


Enough about me let’s talk about the figure. For those unfamiliar with Street Fighter toys, the Sota manufactured toys are the more sought out set of toys compared to the other manufacturers(Resaurus, Neca, etc.). This is due to the Sota Street Fighter toys having better articulation, detail, and accuracy of the character it’s modeling after.


Their are a couple of different Akuma variants that were released from Sota for the Akuma character. The variant we have is the one that most people are familiar with which has dark reddish hair, dark blue gi, and brown rope around his waist instead of the regular gi belt. He comes with 4 additional accessories that are interchangable. These accessories include: two closed fist, another head with his mouth open, and his big beads around his neck that are removable.


Articulation on this figure is amazing. His head, shoulders, arms, torso, legs, knees, ankles, and feet all have articulation points. The detail on this figure is amazing. At every angle he looks awesome. From the symbol on his back, down to the veins on his arms everything is as accurate as it’s suppose to be.


The figure we have for sale in our store is in great condition and comes with 2 closed fist(and 2 open fists), another head(mouth open), and his big beads(around his neck). You can check more pictures and if you want to buy you can do it here.

Sorry folks, this Akuma is sold!! But we have another for sale here! This one comes with a extra head from an different variant.