Toy Spotlight of the Week: Transformers Supreme Class Cybertron Primus Figure

Here at MH Toy Shop we’re constantly adding new inventory each and every week. We often come across some really cool toys that we’d like to share here. So we’ve decided to start a blog series called Toy Spotlight of the Week. At the beginning of every week we will showcase one of our favorite pieces of inventory we’ve added for that week. Now that you have an introduction to the series, let’s get started!

Toy Spotlight of the Week: Transformers Supreme Class Cybertron Primus Figure

Some of our non-Transformer fans may be saying “Cybertron Primus, who the heck is that?!”. Well for those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, in short, Cybertron Primus is the creator-god of the Transformers. Let’s dive into the actual figure shall we ?

When you first set eyes on this figure in person, you automatically know it’s something special. It’s a huge figure in size, in robot mode Primus measures at about 14 inches tall. The detail on the figure is amazing. Both Cybertron mode and the robot mode carry out the same top notch detailing throughout each mode.

Cybertron mode

The figure’s alternative mode shapes into a perfect circular sphere(it’s a planet!). One of the best alternative modes we’ve seen from the Transformers figure lines. All of the Robot mode parts are hidden beneath this planets outer shell. At first glance you’ll notice the figures color scheme. A mixture of blues, grays, and yellows all coming together perfectly. Taking a closer look at the detail of the globe, you can see the many cities of Cybertron sculpted all over the surface of the figure. Some cities painted yellow and dark gold while others are a metallic silver.

All around the figure there are rows of black spines giving the figure some nice contrast while lending a helping hand on making the planet look a bit more aggressive. At the top of the figure, you can insert the Omega Lock. Once you insert the lock, out comes the powerful Stellar Converter Cannons. They sling out from hidden compartments at the top portion of the planet. When the cannons are out, this is the planetary attack mode. With it’s detail, the Cybertron mode can serve as a great display for collectors.

Robot Mode

Before you transform Primus from Robot to Cybertron mode or vice versa for first time, you can’t help but think how complex this transformation must be judging from the figure’s massive size. To our surprise, it was actually quite easy to transform him into each mode. Once in planetary attack mode, the figure unfolds and shifts into a robot. The use of the Omega lock will reveal different parts and pieces. Each time a new piece is revealed the figure sounds and lights up.

One of the most important parts of the transformation is revealing Cybertron Primus’ head. Sticking the Omega lock into the center of the figure and pushing up reveals the Transformer god’s head! As the figure lights up and sounds, the head and shoulder pieces rise completing the transformation of the robot. Looking at him once completed you will notice the same attention to detail that you see in Cybertron mode flows throughout the robot mode as well.

Any decepticon that chooses to go against Cybertron Primus has a hard way to go. This guy has weapons everywhere. Although we said earlier the figure in Cybertron mode serves as a great display, collectors will probably opt for keeping him in robot mode to showcase how amazing this figure looks.

If you are a collector or you just love Transformers this is a great toy to have part of your collection. We have one for sale in our store here. It doesn’t include the Omega Lock but you can still have fun and transform it. Sorry folks! This one went fast.