Updates This Week at MH Toy Shop #1

This week has kicked off full blast! It’s already Tuesday and the week is blazing by. How’s your week going ? I know some of you hate the start of a new week but here at MH Toy Shop we love it. Everyday is like Christmas for us, since we receive new items almost everyday to add to our store.

If you haven’t noticed already, we love toys, so having the opportunity to come across so many cool and different toys is a great experience for us. We also get to send out cool stuff to our customers and provide them with the best service possible. It’s sometimes sad to see some of our favorite items go but knowing that they will go to someone who will share the same excitement we had is enough for us.


Since we’ve been hard at work on acquiring new inventory, launching our Amazon store and our own store off of Ebay we’ve slacked a little bit with blogging. Going forward you can expect to see a lot more blogging here on out from us. We’ll be blogging about random stuff, general news, toy talk, some business talk, and of course more of our Toy Spotlight of the Week series.

New Items

This week we’ll be adding a bunch of new stuff(vintage 90’s handhelds, some anime figures, and Marvel & DC figures). You should see some of those items popping up in our store today and throughout the week! You can check out our store here.